Nordic AntiFlame


For the delivery of fire-retardant wood and plywood materials, Nordic Timber Export offers its own finished product on the market called Nordic AntiFlame. The active ingredient is a chemical formula of polymer phosphate binders, which makes materials with an open cell structure fire-retardant. 

With this formula, both solid wood and plywood materials can be impregnated using the vacuum-pressure method.

When the fire-retardant impregnated wood is heated, excessive burning is prevented. A carbonised layer is all that develops on the surface of the wood and this layer protects the wood underneath from further incineration and flame spread, making Nordic AntiFlame a product that effectively protects from fire.

The active ingredient in Nordic AntiFlame is Nordic Preventor Anti-Flame, which is highly durable. This liquid is virtually odourless and has a clear, neutral colour, so that it has very little effect on the original colour and appearance of the wood. It does not harm the environment or public health and does not contain any heavy metals. Moreover, it is free from halogen and carbon binders, which can cause oxygen to be released. Finally, no waste products or hazardous by-products are produced.

The liquid is continuously analysed using established procedures by a specially accredited laboratory.

Nordic AntiFlame is available for wood and plywood materials with and without CE marking and can be used for a very wide range of applications. The treated wood is tested by certified laboratories and classified according to the European standard NEN-EN 13501 in Euro Fire Class B. 

Nordic AntiFlame is also suitable and tested for offshore use according to the International Maritime Organisation, IMO FTP-Code, Resolution A.653 (16). With the results of this test, various certificates can be issued worldwide that meet the requirements of the International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures (Res. MSC. 61 (67). The test results can be used for spruce, pine, birch and poplar plywood materials.

Outdoor use
As with the regular vacuum pressure methods, Nordic AntiFlame treated wood is air-dried after impregnation. Since wood is slightly hygroscopic, when used outdoors, the wood must be finished with a suitable coating. For this type of use, the wood can be finished with a primer or, if desired, a coloured coating from the NCS/RAL colour range. See also ‘Paint applications’.