Rough sawn timber products

Spruce and pine timber, used for construction purposes is often sawn from ‘centrepieces’ and ‘sideboards’. The centrepieces are cut from the middle of the trunk and the sideboards from the outside of the trunk...

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Planed timber products

After sawing and drying, planed spruce and pine timber, used for construction purposes is usually four-sided planed with either round or sharp edges. Different profiles can also be planed to the timber if desired...

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Pallet and packaging wood products

In addition to wood for construction purposes, Nordic Timber Export can also deliver wooden pallets, crates and other packaging wood materials. These products can be exported by both road and sea transport...

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Impregnated wood products

To protect wood for both indoor and outdoor use from weathering and decay optimally, under all kinds of weather conditions, Nordic Timber Export delivers wood products that can be impregnated with various wood preservatives...

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Other timber export products

In addition to the export of standard finished and treated spruce and pinewood and various packaging products, Nordic Timber Export also exports various other products, such as logs, chips, sawdust and wood pellets. We would be happy to recommend the most suitable solution for all wood-related export needs!

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Nordic AntiFlame

For the delivery of fire-retardant wood and plywood materials, Nordic Timber Export offers its own finished product on the market called Nordic AntiFlame. The active ingredient is a chemical formula of polymer phosphate binders...

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Painted wood applications

Nordic Timber Export offers various possibilities to prime both wood and plywood materials and/or finish it with a top coat of colour at facilities in Sweden and deliver the products directly to any desired destination...

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