Environmental policy declaration

Nordic Timber Export fulfils its social responsibility by ensuring that its company activities take place in a sustainable manner. By always purchasing sustainably produced wood, Nordic Timber Export contributes to making the society more sustainable.

As a link in the commercial chain of wood (products), Nordic Timber Export has certified its business processes in accordance with the FSC and PEFC certification guidelines. As part of this, assessments are carried out by independent certification bodies annually.

The ‘Certificates’ section of this website provides more information on FSC and PEFC certification in general and about the various certificates held by Nordic Timber Export.

As part of its sustainability policy, Nordic Timber Export strives to reduce, where possible, wood (products) originating from:
• Illegal sources.
• Areas where traditional rights and civil rights are violated.
• Uncertified forest areas, where natural and cultural values are threatened by forestry.
• Plantations or other sources that have been established at the cost of natural forest areas.
• Forests where genetically manipulated trees have been planted.

As participant in the sustainable timber trade chain, Nordic Timber Export also aims to provide as much transparency as possible to customers and business partners. This means that Nordic Timber Export makes every effort to provide information and relevant documents with regard to FSC/PEFC certification and product origin.

For wood (products) designated by CITES as endangered, all regulations established by CITES and other international legislation/guidelines are followed in processing the wood into products that are sold with a certification claim.

On behalf of Nordic Timber Export,

P. Jongerling