The harvested timber is sawn, dried, planed and further processed at various sawmills and contractors into standard dimensions and treatments to create value added products for various indoor and outdoor purposes.

For wood destined for construction purposes, in addition to sawing and planing into standard dimensions, various types of treatments are also possible, including extra drying, re-sawing/planing with different end profiles, finger jointing, curing, fire-retardant treatment, painting and packaging of the end product. These treatments immediately give the basic wood considerable added value, making it suitable for a wide range of uses.

The production of compiled products intended for the packaging industry and the other wood products also includes various possibilities and customer-specific options that can easily be implemented without any extra links in the chain. Production and delivery can take place even more efficiently as a result.

Nordic Timber Export maintains very close relationships with different companies that are mechanically equipped and prepared to carry out all types of treatments for various markets. The various products can also be combined using a logistics network for delivery within one and the same order according to customer specifications.

For a detailed overview of the various products and treatments, see the product page on this site.

You can also contact us for information on other treatments and preferences and we will make every effort to offer a suitable solution.