For the international export of wood products both within and outside of Europe, Nordic Timber Export works together with various shippers and selected transport companies from start to finish. 


Nordic Timber Export has good agreements with various international road haulage operators in the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and other countries within Europe for the transport of wood products from the sawmills and/or processers to the ports and other destinations indicated by the customer. If the final destination cannot be reached directly, the shipment is transferred to other local carriers that ensure that the shipment is delivered by the agreed delivery date.

Nordic Timber Export also arranges local transport between the various sawmills and processers in Sweden and Russia. This enables Nordic Timber Export to combine partial deliveries into a single shipment for a single unloading address. Partial deliveries can also be combined for multiple unloading addresses for a single customer. This is also possible with multiple customers.


Container export

Nordic Timber Export is also a reliable partner for the international transport of wood by sea using sea containers. Nordic Timber Export personally arranges this with selected shippers and companies familiar with and used to handle the export of wood and wood products.

Nordic Timber Export has established wood export connections with various customers both within and outside of Europe that include both road and sea transport.
By working with the right sawmills, manufacturers and shipping companies, Nordic Timber Export can also combine the containerised sea transport of wood from different sawmills into a single shipment and reach virtually all ports and destinations directly.

In addition to road and sea transport, Nordic Timber Export also takes care of the entire import and export document application and handling process, in addition to inspections and other necessary certificates.

Since Nordic Timber Export personally organises and coordinates the entire export process, short lines can be maintained with all parties involved and, consequently, a smooth handling and delivery process can be guaranteed.