In harvesting the wood for Nordic Timber Export, the harvesting teams are managed directly by the sawmills on the basis of current market demand.

Before the timber enters the sawmill for further processing, its quality is determined by independent inspectors. These inspectors work for the local authorities and are appointed to the sawmills to guarantee as realistic quality assessment and honest price as possible for the forest owners, log traders, sawmills and, ultimately, buyers of the sawn end products.

On average, only around 38-40% of an entire tree is actually used for the production of quality sawn wood. This is referred to as the ‘saw yield’ and modern sawmills, considering ever-increasing costs, therefore make every effort to obtain as much saw yield as possible from their timber.

Nordic Timber Export commissions various sawmills and manufacturers to produce different wood dimensions and products and to store them for specific markets within and outside of Europe.

By maintaining control of this entire process, Nordic Timber Export can quickly respond to demands from the market with regard to the types of logs exploited in the forests, the resulting products produced in the sawmills and, ultimately, the products kept in stock for customers.